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Posted: Monday January 10, 2011

With the advent of year 2011 I thought it might be interesting to add something new to the flow of this website. Rather than code a redesign or otherwise change the look of the site, I decided to proceed forward with the idea of creating a weblog. I plan to use the blog area of this website to share thoughts, pictures, artifacts, and other exploration related material which I find interesting. The current once a month update regiment that I have set in place will continue, however I also plan to post a blog update online at least monthly.

As the backlog of photographs I have taken over the years increases, the timeliness in which I am able to post the information online grows. With the implementation of this blog I will be able to easily share short excerpts about recent trips and other exploration related topics. There is currently no commenting system in place as I would first like to see how the idea of a blog goes over before taking the time to code a comment script. However feel free to e-mail me any of your own ideas and thoughts, negative or positive.

Any new blog posts can be accessed by navigating to the home page; archived posts can be found here. To subscribe via RSS add this URL to your desired news feed reader. Located at the bottom of each blog post is a "share button" which will generate a link that you can then post to any social networking site of choice (if you so happen to be in the sharing mood).

--- Justin

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