Camp Sussex Brochure

Posted: Wednesday October 12, 2011

The following two images were produced from scanning a brochure which I found while out photographing the defunct Camp Sussex. Often while exploring I lose touch with the fact that the buildings I selfishly roam about once served a greater purpose beyond standing as merely just a deserted playground for which to wander through. Reading the text and looking at the images printed in the brochure provides an interesting glimpse into what camp life was once like. The children and campers pictured in the brochure photographs all appear cheery and merry; their smiles remain in stark contrast with the current ruinous condition of the property, which is what seems to attract me to such places. The two scans posted below are embedded in a "lighbox", so clicking on them will bring a up a larger version, in which the text can more clearly be deciphered.

The insert of the brochure briefly details the various facilities available and provides a brief history of the camp. (Note: The address and phone number have been blurred out.)

The front cover lists some of the activities available for the campers to participate in. (Note: The address and phone number have been blurred out.)

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