Photostream Introduction

Posted: Saturday August 12, 2017

The process of editing photos, putting together a location gallery, writing a complementary short story, conjuring up some sarcastic photo captions, and hand coding then editing the HTML/CSS is a process that takes time. Yet for many, many years I had the process down to a ritual; the first of every month I made it a personal goal to have a new location posted up and I succeeded at that for quite some time. But over the past couple of years the stories I enjoy to write have become more complex and thus time consuming to imagine, prepare, and edit, which has led to updates on Vacant New Jersey to become far and few between. I've also never felt comfortable posting a new location without a short story to accompany the pictures. So as a consequence I've been slaking on posting new galleries of pictures, locations, and blog posts; I have the time but not always the motivation. However, I certainly haven't stopped exploring and documenting my adventures. As a result, the photographs I've captured have begun to amass into a digital heap of zeros and ones on my hard drive gigabytes deep, which nobody sees except me.

So as a solution as well as in addition to continuing to post future new stories, blogposts, and locations, I've decided to create what I've termed "Photostream". Photostream exists as new section to the website where I can easily post single random photographs I've taken that have not yet been shared publicly and may not even be associated with an actual official location post. The photos I post will be organized by month and year and feature a small caption as well as a row of social media share buttons below. My goal is to post four new photographs per month, highlighting my adventures, recent and past. Once a full location associated with such a Photostream photograph gets posted, the picture will be linked back to said gallery. In addition, I toyed around with the idea of including a comments section, but ultimately I'm generally bored by conversation so I scraped that idea, much like the copper at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. On the main landing [Home] page of my website a new module has also been added that will remained pinned to the top of the page and always show in a thumbnail view, the four newest Photostream photographs, clicking any of which will take you in to the actual Photostream index page. In summary, Photostream will exist as a simple way to quickly showcase, one picture at a time, my backlogged hoard of photographs from adventures old and new prior to posting a full scale featured location and short story (or blogpost) update; think of Photostream as a sneak peak of what is to be posted in the future.

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