Smash The State Not Greystone

Posted: Thursday April 9, 2015

The State of New Jersey's decision to demolish the vacant kirkbride building on the grounds of the former Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital campus marks the end to an architectural marvel, but ultimately a choice the State has the right to make, regardless of one's opinion on the matter. The State owns the building thus they can decide what actions they wish to implement over their property. While such a reality is disturbing we citizens do have the right to at least express and exercise our own thoughts on the matter. And we have, but we've been largely ignored so far! Certainly those in favor of alternative use methods and preservation efforts have made their viewpoints evident through various outlets and written plans. However the methods in which the people have expressed their views and opinions thus far have held no weight, no lasting punch in regard to capturing the attention of the State. Crying for no demolition or preservation or whatever the case may be from behind the keyboard or even in front of elected officials has proven fruitless, for the State is a terrible parent thus well adapt to ignoring cries and pleas from babies. New Jersey is playing a political game with us which it has rigged to win. But we can no longer allows this, we must advance our efforts to a new level.

Upon investigating the State's claims in regard to the demolition of Greystone as reported by various media outlets over the past year it becomes evident that the State's threats have evolved from simple newspaper and Internet articles proclaiming plans for demolition all the way up to the now physical action currently backing up their threats. Over the course of the past six months the kirkbride building has been fenced off and abated. Most recently, as of Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 the outer wings on the western side of the asylum have been ripped apart, forever permanently scarring the original kirkbride structure! These actions make it very clear that Greystone will be 100% leveled if left to the State's disposal. We can't let them win this game!

So here we have it, the State has used physical action to back up their assertions, but thus far the opposing people have not. Sure we have shared and signed online petitions, mailed identical and almost seemingly silly post cards complete with a pretty picture and boring generic statement to the governor and elected officials, which as it turns out are easily ignored or responded to via a robo letter. We've jabbed picket signs into our dead lawns which have faded under the sun and been buried and forgotten beneath the snow. We have even arranged meetings to wind up talking largely amongst ourselves. STOP! None of this matters any longer, it is all empty threats easily brushed aside by the State. Look at ourselves! We are like an empty lighter, constantly sparking, but with no fuel to ignite. Lets change and stop gossiping like teenagers spreading rumors about who kissed who on the playground, because in the end no one gives a fuck about banter, real change is brought about by action. Now instead lets gather together and ignite into something powerful, a driving force to proclaim the change we speak of. We will no longer be easily ignored, nor taken as a joke!

The power of big government and the effects of money, politics, greed, and ultimately corruption can not simply be overthrown with social media posts and keyboard threats. These motives did serve a purpose but only as a beginning's mean to initially gaining publicity and attention, but we are well beyond that point now. We have established a following and the once underdog opinion in regard to reuse potential for a structurally sound Greystone Hospital has grown in momentum. It is now time to follow in step with the State. We too must move on to physical actions to back up our claims and ideals if we wish to see a future Greystone. We must demand the State's attention in alternative ways, we can gather together, work as one. It is time we use force and our voices of rebellion to physically spread our message!

When government out-right ignores the citizen's voices, we should take that as a personal threat, a sign of corruption and internal shady greedy political gains; and this is not okay! When the government and representing officials we have elected are no longer willing to work with us or even listen to us, it is high time we protest change! So lets get outraged together, rally as one! This Sunday, April 12th, step away from your keyboard and lets band together, under a unifying cause. We will meet at Central Park of Morris County NJ at noon time, directly in front of the former Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital kirkbride building and together we will Rally For Greystone. We can express our dissidence toward the State and make it be known that we demand a say, a fair listen and open forum of communication between the State of New Jersey and us, in regard to the fate of our history, infrastructure, architecture, and ultimately Greystone; a structure built by the people for the people. Lets demand to be heard, plead instead a plan to work together with the State to form common solution.

Certainly political greed and ignorance is a tough wall to topple, yet no more solid than the very walls of Greystone itself, which will no doubt be pummeled by the State if we do not assemble soon. Thus it is critical now that we rally in unison, be loud, concise, clear, heard. We must spread our message, make a scene, garner the attention Greystone deserves! Upon doing so we can at least walk away with the satisfaction of knowing we did not sit idly, regardless of the outcome, because together we can Smash The State, Not Greystone!

See you there,

--- Justin

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[ #Rally4Greystone Meetup Details ]

  • When: This Sunday, April 12th, 2015

  • Where: Central Park of Morris County [91 Central Ave, Morris Plains, NJ]

  • Time: 12:00 PM - ?

  • Meet: Gather in front of the Administration Building of the Kirkbride

  • Parking: Park along either side of Central Avenue or within any of the paved pull-off parking lots

  • RSVP [Optional]:

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