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Feel free to contact me with any question(s) about the website or specific content posted within. Understand however, that I will most likely not answer your e-mail inquiry, unless you initially contact me with a witty remark, thought provoking message/question, or cleverly/sarcastically crafted pun. If anyone ever told you that there is no such thing as a stupid question, that person was stupid. Do not be that person, or do; I don't care.


Permission to Use Photographs?

Being that the majority of the photographs posted on my website are captured without any prior permission, I see it as hypocritical for me to in return expect people to always ask for permission to use my photographs. Thus, feel free to share and/or download any of the content posted on Vacant New Jersey, providing credit or link backs as you see fit. However much like the places I venture into, I always assume the risk that I may get caught. I will apply this same ethos to those that reproduce any content originally posted on this website without providing credit. Perhaps you'll get caught, perhaps you will not.

--- Justin

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