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Abandoned Colorado Prison 23 Photos

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A shimmer of light caught my eye, reflecting off a piece of broken glass from a window pane in front of me. The oddly shaped building, constructed into the side of a cliff looked to be abandoned, and was quite obviously recently boarded up, which made gaining access pretty much impossible. The first building I explored was weird in that it had jail cell bar windows, but I highly doubt it was used as a jail. I was able to get inside a small room to grab a few interior shots, but the structures was empty, except for a campers tent, and to say the least kind of boring. The other half of the building were garages, which still apparently looked to be used for storage of road signs. Following my exit of the Jail Cell looking building, I closed the door behind me and made my way to the second building.

Luckily it was only a fifteen foot journey across the hot dessert Colorado terrain to the other building. This building was probably some type of trading post/soviuneer shop at one point. It was so well boarded up, that not even oxygen could gain access inside, so I was stuck with exploring the perimeter and the roof. Shimmying my way up a tree and onto the roof, provided me with a not so grand view of the of the vast wilderness that lay ahead. Not to mention the roof acted like a huge frying pan, just about melting the souls of my shoes. A few pictures here and there, and back down to the ground I went. Walking around the perimeter of the structure once more, assured me that getting inside was just not an option. I took my final few shots and made my way back to the hotel where I rested out the better part of the day.