Vacant New Jersey

Bloomingdale Dam

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Abandoned New Jersey Industrial 16 Photos

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Nothing much here but a small cement ruin, I really don't know what it used to be but from the looks of it, chances are that it was some type of dam to control the river back in the day so that it did not flood, but who knows, thats just my idea? It was quite a dangerous place to explore as there was nothing stopping you from falling into the river or worse onto the concrete. It seems that the place has become a hang out for the local fishermen as old fishing line was stuck in many of the overhanging trees. The most interesting part I guess was seeing all the trash that people throw down the river. Reluctantly most of the trash that gets illegally thrown in the river gets stuck here in the tangle of cement and Re-bar. It was weird to see all the odd things people throw into the river. Tires were the most common form of debris but there was also a water heater or to! and 3 kiddy pools... who knew! Like I side at the beginning of this novel, there was not much too see, so I'll just leave it at that. But please, still take time to look at the pictures if you wish?