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Abandoned New Jersey Resort 27 Photos

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Camp shirts, hats, and various other clothing apparel remained piled nearly ceiling high in the laundry building. Plastic toothbrushes lay scattered about the floor, originating from a large cardboard box which had fallen from a shelf above. Farther down the hallway a set of double doors opened up into a massive kitchen, complete with an arsenal of cooking ware to prepare food to feed hundreds of hungry campers. Pastel color plates and bowls were stacked neatly on shelves and cooking utensils hung above the large gas burning stoves.

The dozens of tables and chairs which once filled the spacious dining hall where piled together in a pyramid fashion and tucked away in a back corner. Children's artwork still hung on the walls and was just beginning to warp and wrinkle from the moisture in the air. Outside, the lawn had grown out of control, resembling a prairie of thick weeds and dandelions. Knee high grasses and shrubs highlighted the maze of narrow deer trails zigzagging down to a lake located at the rear of the property. Dozens of symmetrical cabins lined an overgrown asphalt road. The plywood had been forcefully removed from these structures and was strewn about the lawn, making for an easy entrance.

Everything remained so desolate and quite. Only the sounds of birds filled the air where once the laughter of children pierced through. A rusty swing moved to and fro as a light breeze passed and the tops of the tall grasses bowed creating interesting patterns in the yard. Suddenly a loud smash silenced the birds and the breeze. As I turned to follow the noise I saw a huge metal mixing bowl fly out from the kitchen building window, followed by another booming smash. It appeared a group of scrappers had also found their way to camp.