Vacant New Jersey

Letchworth Village

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Abandoned New York Hospital 86 Photos

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The last of the leaves had fallen from the trees, allowing the late afternoon sun to easily filter in through the broken window frames. The peeling paint scattered the light, creating interesting shadow patterns on the floor. The main hallway was long and empty, but the strong sun, seemed to illuminate the corridor a cheerful yellow orange. In the center, a small porch exposed to the outside elements overlooked an overgrown courtyard. Vines crawled up the buildings brick facade, however the cold autumn nights appeared to have loosened their once tight grip, allowing the decaying building to breath before again being engulfed by foliage in the summer.

Walking down the stairwell, the yellow orange sunlight slowly faded into darkness. A musky oder hung in the damp air and my flashlight beam illuminated tiny dust particles floating by. A humorous graffiti tag pointed out the mortuary, but I was disappointed to see that the wooden morgue doors were missing.

With only about a half hour of day light left, I made a quick stop at the village Synagogue. A curtain with The Star of David hung in the center of the amphitheater styled building. Skylights above illuminated the seating area and the stained glass windows cast a blue hue on the pitched floor. However, feeling a bit feeble from walking around all day, and with the sun beginning to peaking below the horizon, I made my exit before dusk.