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Defunct Power Plant

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Basically I ran into this place on accident, while a friend of mine and I were searching for a deli to get something to eat. Well any way, the building pictured below, was very small but the entire perimeter of the structure was guarded by barbed wire gate. From what the sign read on the front of the building, I drew to conclusion that this structure was at one point some type of electrical plant. We did not succeed into getting inside because of two accounts. First the barbed wire fence; there was however a tree that was growing up in between the fence and the building that we could have climbed up to gain access to the building, but that led to the second senerio. Which was that this abandoned building was no more than 25.8 feet away from the Riverdale Fire Department. Rather than risk getting caught ( and not to mention making our selves look like asses) we decided to continue on for our quest for a deli, and maybe come back to this building another time to try to get inside.