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A fear that almost every one of us posses, that of the dentist. I for one hate the dentist, I despise that smell of the waiting room and the horrifying sound of metal tools scratching up against your teeth. The sight of knives and power tools only knowing that they are going into your mouth always get my heart beating. Even more terrifying was the following abandonment I came across. At first glance it looked like the average abandoned house. But upon further inspection I began to notice signs such as "Office This Way" and "A Clean Mouth Is A Good Mouth" At first I thought well maybe the past inhabitant had a mouth fetish or something? But upon further examination of the house I realized the purpose of these signs... I was standing in what was a Dentist's Office, now of course abandoned. How does a dentist office become abandoned is the question that spooked me most. Did the doctor preform illegal operations, was a patient killed, was this one of these fake dentist offices that desquise themselves as real only to make money and then close down? To make things worse all the medical utensils were all in place waiting as if a new patient was to walk in at any second. There were even packets of freebie tooth-paste and toothbrushes in the medical office which was littered with horrifying tools and old medical supplies. But most chilling was the patient chair, still intact and quite frankly in perfect condition The waiting room was filled with toys to entertain the children as they awaited faith.

Besides the dentist office the rest of the house was well I guess you could say ordinary. It was a two floor house with a kitchen, bed rooms, barrooms, and well a dentist office. The house was primarily empty except for a few books and an interesting old picture of what I guess were the past inhabitants. Also on the property was an old abandoned barn and garage, all completely empty and quite frankly not that interesting. What really sparked my imagination most was that dentist office, never would I have thought that one of my explorations would bring me to a medical office for the mouth. But it just goes to show, you truly never know what you will find while exploring an abandoned structure! Well all I can say is that if you have a phobia of the dentist like myself, you may want to view the following pictures with caution.