Vacant New Jersey

Empty Walls Mansion

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Restored New Jersey Historical 38 Photos

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The brisk autumn wind echoed threw the collapsing walls, the floor boards creaked and swayed with every step and darkness consumed the narrow stairwell, for a moment I almost considered turning back. But alas a shimmer of light making its way through a boarded window caught my eye and provided just enough illumination to guide me to the top of the stairwell. Years of neglect had deffinitally taken its toll upon this mansion, the floor boards sagged and the house almost seemed to sway in the breeze as I carefully navigated myself around from room to room.

The architecture of this house was just awesome, everything from the floors right up to the ceiling was adorned in decorative molding and empty oval shaped windows let the elements inside but at the same time provided a beautiful view of the landscape outside. Peeling paint now covered more of the floor than it did the walls and multiple brick fireplaces sagged in disrepair. A collapsing stairwell proved to be a beautiful sight as light shone onto the railing and reflected into the many other rooms. The hallway was the only structurally safe space for one to photograph the beauty of this house as all of the side rooms were so deteriorated that the floors no longer existed.

The exterior of this structure was just as beautiful as the interior. The siding was long faded and all the windows were boarded up with discolored plywood, making the house look like a dormant monster. Dead vines ran up and down the exterior walls, and a clumsy fence surrounded the perimeter of the house. A tall leaning chimney ran through the middle of the structure and the wind silently blew through the cracks in the foundation. This house looked to be something right out of a nightmare, I can only image what this structure would look like on a cold foggy night with a full moon perched up-top the collapsing roof.

I would imagine that the walls of this old mansion hold many secrets and stories from the past generations of families that call this place home. Just walking through the old deteriorating hallways and seemingly empty walls, was a story in itself. For some reason this house really struck me as amazing, but for reasons I do not know of... now it is your turn to take a photographic journey through this house, and perhaps it will amaze you just as much as it grabbed hold of my imagination...