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Englishman Farms

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Abandoned New Jersey Agricultural 23 Photos

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Cruising along the highway I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a massive barn emerging from the overgrowth just off to the side of the road. With my curiosity piqued, I decided to turn the car around and pass by for a second time in order to obtain a better look. Surely enough off in the distance I saw the huge decayed, vine entangled wooden skeleton of a barn, which must have spanned at least one hundred yards in length. I also noticed what I failed to spot during the first drive past, which was a large abandoned farmhouse only feet from the road, obscured by green ivy strangling the ugly white vinyl siding.

The property well overgrown with tall grass and mangled bushes looked like a promising place to play for an hour or so. Walking up the washed out, rut ridden gravel driveway, I noticed a fairly new looking "For Sale" sign. The bold typography of the sign concealed by chest high grass so dense with ticks that their abysmal blood hungry bodies could be spotted on individual blades of vegetation. Walking through the greenery towards the barn I watched as my bare legs quickly became host to the lively tick population. I made fast time of picking the unwelcome arachnids off my limbs, shoving their helpless bodies into a crumpled tissue pulled from my back pocket, which soon became their fiery death bed.