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Federal Hill

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Abandoned New Jersey Historical 24 Photos

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For more details and history...including how to save Federal Hill please visit Graphic Witness

From what I know about the hill, General George Washington stopped at the hill while travailing through the Northern New Jersey Area (Specifically Bloomingdale NJ). He stopped at the hill to set up a fire post/lookout, because of the hills elevation it provided a good vantage point. When the enemy was near a fire would be started, therefore starting a chain reaction for other post look outs to light a fire on their post... alerting the townspeople that the enemy was near. Last there is also myth that two soldiers were gunned down and killed on the hill for being traders/spies.. but there bodies have never been found.

Also I have heard that in the 50'/60's(?)German bund camps were set up, I have heard local stories (probably false) that these camps had ties to Hitler back in Germany. The camps were used for some type of religious training. Today the ruins of these camps can still be seen if hiking Federal Hill. Also the Iron Door is located uptop the Federal Hill. Supposedly it was used to store ammunition during the war, and then was abandoned with everything else on the Hill.