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Death...A fact that we all must accept. Here in the former Butler Cemetery death is quite prevalent. Many graves and headstones are strewn about, dating from long ago to more recent times. If you are familiar with the history of Bloomingdale and Butler New Jersey, chances are, you will be familiar with some of the names inscribed into the graves.

In the former Butler Cemetery some "famous" townsfolk lay to rest, including Mr. De'lazier, and Mr. Vreeland. There are also some stranger aspects to the Butler Cemetery including headstones that have a date of birth but not date of death, there is instead just a blank line, have these peoples deaths been forgotten about or are they still in fact alive, and walking amongst us right now? Some of the headstone are more magnificent while others are mere rocks with the initials of the dead childishly inscribed into them. Other grave markings are simply inscribed with Mother, Father, or Son, while other headstones have been so badly weathered that, there inscriptions can no longer be deciphered. After walking around this small but intricate cemetery you will begin to realize the sheer amount of people actually buried here on the small plot of land. Most of the headstones are dated from the late 1800's, altho I did manage to fine a more recent headstone dated from the 1950's. There are also many family plots in this cemetery where whole families are buried including the Vreeland's and the Mead's. Yet there are some reserved plots awaiting the death of still living family member.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this cemetery was the amount of vandalism, that could be seen. It ranged from spray paint, to the total destruction and toppling of graves and headstones. Some vandals went even as far as to totally destroy and smash the graves to the point that they were unrecognizable! Just the fact that there are assholes in this world with the nerve to destroy grave yards is more terrifying than any ghost story I've ever heard, and quite frankly more depressing than the graveyard itself. I can not seem to understand the point of smashing a deceased personals grave... the action of doing so is disgraceful, and out right in-humane! Hopefully one day these people will grow up and realize the damage they have caused.

Aside from the vandalism, my trip the the "Abandoned Butler Cemetery", was that of a historical significance. For one thing I found the grave of the man who my street is named after, and I also learned some interesting history of the people buried here, that can not be learned in any text book. There has since been a new Butler Cemetery built, which explains why the one I photographed is no longer active. I have heard stories about ghost lurking in this cemetery, but as for me, I do not believe in spirits, not did I see any, so I will leave the idea of a haunting up for you...