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Abandoned New Jersey Theme Park 24 Photos

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The only accessible door in, led straight down to the damp basement. The air pungent with the taste of fungus; my flashlight illuminating the toxic environment revealed fuzzy black mold spores covering the walls like an autumn jacket. The wet spongy carpet created suction around my shoes, and I could feel the stagnant water entering, slowly saturating my otherwise dry socks. I literally held my breath as I pushed through the virulent basement, taking the closest staircase up the the first floor.

I entered into a room full of shattered glass, everything from the windows to the skylights above, obliterated. Doors still locked failed to stop my advancement as I just walked through the smashed glass frames and into the following rooms. A narrow poorly lit hallway led into a large warehouse converted into an indoor playground. Plastic jungle gym equipment immune to decay stood looking brand new, adjacent a heavily vandalized roller skating rink.

The far half of the warehouse sported an indoor swimming pool from hell. Green tinted algae infested water resembled a noxious swamp. Plastic lawn furniture and pool noodles half submerged, decomposed like artificial carcasses. Towards the center of the pool a long ventilation tube serpent rose from the filthy water to snack on its' lawn chair lunch. I paused to take a few pictures before proceeding forward.