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Hunting Lodge

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Abandoned New Jersey Resort 24 Photos

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Being that the door was wide open, I figured my presence was welcome and I made my way inside the decrepit structure. Falling water droplets echoed through out the empty rooms and the floor boards were nearly rotted out. The building in horrible condition clearly sagged towards the center where a large hole had formed in the floor that seemed to suck all life down into it never letting its victims see the light of day again. Not wanting to end up in this hole, I carefully navigated my self around its dripping jaws, being careful not to fall victim to its grip. Escaping, I continued down the long depressing hallway, where rooms full of green moldy mattresses, furniture, and household items lay on both sides of the hallway. Turning on my flashlight for illumination I was able to see thousands of mold particles gracefully floating through the dank moist air.

The roof sagging so low almost seemed to touch the ground and the floor was so rotted by water it was like walking on a wet sponge (only much more dangerous). Taking monstrously large steps to avoid the gaps in the floor, I slowly but surely made my way about. The majority of the windows were boarded up, and only the luckiest of light managed just barley to squeeze through the imperfections. I found my way to the main room of the building and wanted badly to go up to the second floor, but the stair case was virtually rotted away and to attempt to walk up was a death threat thirty feet down to the basement, which I could only imagine would be filled with cold murky disgusting water. With no where else safe to explore inside, my best bet was to photograph the dieing structure from the safety of the ground.

From the outside this building truly looked hellish. Dead thorn bushed crawled up the siding, shrubbery engulfed the walkways, windows were smashed, walls and staircases collapsed onto the ground, and boards meant to cover the windows swung in the breeze only hanging on by a single nail. But for some reason, all of this chaos in my mind appears as beauty, so perhaps there is a certain beauty that follows death, but you decide that for yourself by viewing the following photographs.