Vacant New Jersey

Hydraulic Motor Factory

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Abandoned New Jersey Industrial 55 Photos

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The soaking wet and moldy ceiling tiles, that had fallen to the ground, where like quicksand. They seemed to suck my shoes down deeper and deeper with each step. The smell of hydraulic motor oil was thick in the air, and seemed to roll over like a fog, growing more intense as I walked deeper into the building. The hallway was dark and dank, my flashlight beam reflected off torn ducting, dangling down from within the drop down ceiling. The windows green with mold, allowed only a select amount of light in. I followed the hallway down which led to an opened and better lighted section of the factory. A large machine sat in the center of the room, surprisingly it looked to be in decent condition. Offices on either side were still stocked with desks, chairs, and even some old 1990s computers.

Many of the windows still had wire around them, that if broke would at one point have sounded an alarm. Now the wire did little more but provide an interesting design. The main area of the factory was basically a large ware house. Caged in areas were on either side, at one point used to inspect foreign materials before they could be used in production. A bunch of tools and small chemical bottles were all stacked neatly in one corner of the warehouse. They all were numbered and tagged, which led me to believe they were to be auctioned off at one time or another. Further down, another hallway opened up to an interesting room containing ancient computing equipment. It astonished me that such items would be left behind, but their they sat, just as they were left years ago. A dated CAD Plotted leaned against a wall and an old server was stashed away in a corner. The outdated controls panels were interesting to read, and contained many interesting sci-fi type buttons such as panic and abort. The boss's room was complete with a reclining chair and blackboard. Still, nature was prevalent, as could be seen by a vine making its way in through a crack in the window.

At this point I had been in the building for well over an hour, and was starting to get a slight headache. I figured to play it safe and get some fresh air, being I had been around who knows what type of chemicals. Outside was very overcast and humid as hell, however, the buildings exterior proved to be boring and ugly. My headache was fading, but I decided to call it quits, as I had seen enough of the building to full fill my curiosity. And being that curiosity is known to kill the cat, I decided to make my exit.