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Kampfe's Lake

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Abandoned New Jersey Historical 50 Photos

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From the date I found in one of the stone walls surrounding this once grand estate I estimate it being around 110 yeas old. There is really not to much here any more but an old foundation of the once grand mansion. If you walk further into the woods you will find what I can only explain as being a guest house. I imagine Mr. Kampfe must have been quite the rich man as the land this estate covers is huge, not mention it also includes a large lake. Next time I go back here I have to take in account to remember to visit the Stone Living Room, as it is located directly across from the lake.

I do not know much of anything about this estate, nor could I find any information on the web or in any local history books. So all I have for now is these pictures. I do believe that the actually mansion was still standing (abandoned) until the mid 90's before the state took it down, because it was a safety hazard. If you go up here now you will just find a few foundations of what were large mansions and other building at one point in time. There also is a large greenhouse type covering that is still intact and quite interesting looking. For some reason the state decided to leave up the pillars that held up the house (deck maybe) and they are quite neat to see. But most interesting of all I think is the structure that looks like a guard post, (just goes to show how rich this Mr or Mrs. Kampfe must have been even in the late 1800's.)