Vacant New Jersey

Lime Kilns

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Abandoned New Jersey Mill 24 Photos

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The wet leaves muted my footsteps as I approached the industrial skeleton, the adjacent river slowly eroding away it's cement bones. The smokestack still standing tall, could only look over the ruined carcass below, it's fate too, in the hands of the slowly advancing river. The bare trees allowed for a full view of the hollow ruins, the fallen foliage instead covering the fragile gap ridden foundation. I watched as every now and then the brisk Autumn wind funneled in from strange angles, stirring the leaves around in a tornado like fashion.

Walking along a thin cement beam allowed for quick access to the back of the ruins. Graffiti covered walls stood randomly, slowly collapsing into the saturated ground. Where windows once were, open holes now remained, looking out over the river. It was interesting to imagine what the structure might have looked like before nature claimed it. It also amazed me the the smoke stack still managed to stand, a testament to its solid brick architecture. With grey clouds quick on the move, I made my exit just before the first raindrops hit the ground.