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Tamarack Lodge

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Demolished New York Resort 22 Photos

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The wind wanted in; violently shaking the loose window frames like an invisible monster. Inside we were safe from its grip, but my hands and face still numb from the brutal walk up the icy slick driveway. I knew my time here would be limited as I would soon be forced to return to the heat source. Making use of short time our group made way through the gutted section of the lodge, walking down creaky stairs, through the main lobby and into the indoor the pool room; arguably the focal point of the resort.

Hastily, we unpacked our equipment before the freezing temperature could get the best of us. After just a half hour of shooting, the LCD screen on my camera was nearly frozen, but we still had much too see and explore.

Outside trees swayed and the wind whistled as it funneled through the bare branches. Twigs and debris slammed against the building exterior, echoing strange sounds through the empty lodge. Quickly stepping outside and dogging the elements once again, we made our way into the guest rooms which suffered from various levels of decay. Stepping lightly to avoid falling through, the upper floors bowed as I walked across. We poked around inside just long enough to get an overall feel of the resort. However the Arctic temperature was rapidly taking its toll. I could barely feel my fingers, my camera was frozen and my feet felt like blocks of ice. We proceeded to the car to thaw.