Vacant New Jersey

Mural Psychiatric Center

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Abandoned New York Hospital 94 Photos

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The paint chips crunched underneath my boots as I walked across the bare hallway. It was hideously cold outside, and every once in a while a bone chilling wind would creep in, brushing past my now hypothermic hands. It wasn't that I didn't have gloves, it was just that trying to press the shutter button with them on was a near impossible feat. With the sun soon to make it's departure, I knew my time would be limited.

Most of the building was barren, except for a few photographs still hanging in patient rooms. The overall theme seemed to be that of the New York City scape. In one of the rooms a photograph of the Twin Towers hung, obscured behind peeling paint. In other sections of the hospital beautiful murals painted by past patients weathered away. Many of the murals were quite detailed and obviously much time went into their creation.

Walking down a collapsing hall, I entered into a new cluster of buildings. The architecture was much more modern and boxes of junk littered the tile floor. I could have spent days looking through all the paper work, but I wanted to see as much of the hospital campus as I could be for the short lived winter sun set for the day. I decided the quickest mode of transportation would be to take a stroll through the labyrinth of underground tunnels. The stark change in temperature below ground caused my camera lens to completely fog over, making photography a no go from here on.

As the sunlight faded the temperature dropped like a stone, I had to call it quits at this point, leaving myself just enough time to make it back to civilization. Driving home, I realized just how much I hate the cold, hopefully spring comes soon!