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Demolished New Jersey Transportation 12 Photos

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Sometimes when exploring the wonderful woods here in New Jersey, I randomly stumble across old abandoned vehicles, and this was just one of those times. I was doing some general Urban Exploration at a near by condominium development site, when in the distance I spotted this hunk of rusty metal in a patch of woods. To much surprise this hunk of metal turned out to be an old fire-truck pulled out from the woods. From the looks of it I'd say the vehicle had been sitting in the woods for quite some time. A good twenty years or more maybe? The Vehicle itself was a Sanford Fire Truck from I'd say the 1950's. Amazingly some of the vehicles wheels still had air in them, and in the back of the truck there were still some old firefighting tools and what not. The Fire Truck was in horrible condition, surly never to run again, and probably to be haled off to the junk yard in the coming weeks. After snapping my fare share of pictures (12 to be exact) I decided to call it a day, said my farewell to "Old Rusty" as I will call her and made my way back home...I took the long way home to be exact.