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Abandoned New Jersey Mill 19 Photos

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This place is a fairly large abandoned paper processing complex. From what I know, this building in the early beginning days used to make toilet paper for the Queen of England. At first a thought this was a load of bull shit, but upon exploring the grounds it began to look more and more of a truthful story. If found many paper towel rolls, and old logos! But due to the time constraint I was unable to find a way into the building. I am planning on going back, but it going to be a tough feat to get inside,as last time I was there everything was boarded up tight.

That being said I can only image what is inside the building, and truthfully can't wait to go exploring inside. If any body has any information please feel free to e-mail me with any information. Note: this place looks to be pretty well protroled and secured and may not even be 100% abandoned...yet ( has I have see a truck there a few times), so use caution if you plan to take a trip to "The Large Paper Mill".