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Pump House

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Every once in awhile, while exploring in the woods, you stumble upon old relics that you never knew even existed. "The Pump House" is a pure example of just that. The structure itself is not much of an abandonment, which is probably why it has gone unnoticed for years by others. If it had not been that I was taking a stroll through the woods it may have very well be left un-noticed for who knows how long. The “Pump House” as I will call it, is no bigger than the average yard shed, the roof is collapsing in and everything inside is rusted. Getting inside this Pump House was easy seeming that there was no door. Inside the structure were some old water pumps, probably used for extracting water from the Pequannock River, just a few feet bellow. There was also a wall of old rusted circuit boxes and breakers, and ironically enough and old phone and chair in the corner. Apparently it must have been some one's job to sit down here all day and do God knows what? My guess is that the structure has been decaying for sometime before I ran across it as there was not much left to the roof and walls and everything was flooded inside. This abandonment was interesting in that, I just may have been the first living soul to look upon it since it closed, who knows how long ago. So if every traveling through the back woods of the Pequannock River in Bloomingdale N.J., keep your eyes peeled because you never know what you will find.