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River Ruins

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Abandoned New Jersey Industrial 27 Photos

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Not all ruins are hidden amongst the back roads of New Jersey or deep within the forbidden woods, in-fact there are many interesting ruins to be seen, that are almost in plane sight. This particular ruin was located along a back river of New Jersey, less then 100 feet from a condominium development, but yet still unseen by the average passerby. The ruins I have documented below, are that of various cement structures discarded by past generations. There historical significance I do not know, nor can I say that I actually know what the ruins are themselves. My best guess is that they may have been from a past rail road line that is no longer active. What interested me most about these ruins was a small cement wall with the date 1924 clearly inscribed into the face of the wall. What significance this date indicates I once again have no clue, but I will stick to my railroad theory and say that this cement structure could have possibly at one point been a bridge of some sort. Walking along the river further, I found some other neat objects, such as a few abandoned motocross bikes, old car parts, and pieces of what appeared to be railroad ties and studs. One last interesting feature that caught my attention was that of a tree with what appeared to be the letters R.I.P. carved in the bark. Right next to this tree was another inscribed tree, this time with the Name(?) "Schantsz" inscribed along with an arrow pointing to the ground... could this be some type of weird satanic burial site, I said to my self of course not, but I spoke too soon as no less then 20 feet in front of me was an upside-down black cross painted on a rock along with a pentagram beside, to keep it company. Not letting my imagination get the better of me I kept on walking...