Vacant New Jersey

Stivasin Rutherford Estate

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Abandoned New Jersey Residential 18 Photos

Note: I have many more photographs of this location, I just have to get around to re-naming them all and putting them up on the web. It'll get done... one day.

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Have you ever wondered what walls would say if they could talk. Image the history they could tell us, would they reveal secrets uttered long ago by past inhabitants or tell us how things were like back in the day? Well while exploring the Stivasin estate, walls have never talked so clearly, and it turns out, they have a lot of anger, and some pretty funny things to say about it... I can honestly say that I have never seen graffiti quite like this in my years of exploring. The amount of time it must have taken to inscribe so many words, seems unbelievable. The neatness and patten the graffiti has, dare I say, almost gives it an artistic quality. The graffiti did seem to ruin the beauty of the decaying estate in some ways, but at the same time it provided a weird pallet to photograph.

It is hard not to wonder about the people(s) who inscribed theses words. What was there motivation, how long did it take, and what pissed them off. But I doubt I will ever find those answers. Usually I try to have a story with each location, but I think the graffiti at this estate tells a story of its own, a story that is different for each person who views the words. I do how ever warn you, that the words these walls uttered were quite profane, and may not be suitable for all. Well with that being said there is nothing more to say, being as the pictures literally speak for them selves.