Vacant New Jersey

Sapienwack Lodge

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Abandoned New York Resort 29 Photos

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An overgrown field choked with weeds and tall grasses surrounded the vacant resort. A series of rusted poles rose out from the overgrowth, tethered to the next by a limp stretch of cable, remaining from a long defunct ski lift. With four wheel drive in full power, the pickup truck slowly plowed through the thick vegetation, leaving behind a path of freshly flattened grass. The mangled greenery released a putrid scent into the air; a hint of sour mixed in with a sharp metallic bloody smell filled the cabin of the truck. The stench so thick I could nearly see the oder wafting in through the ventilation ducts, further fumigated by the spinning fans. Rolling the windows down in hopes of airing out the cab, only invited a disturbed black cloud of gnats to enter, angered that their grass metropolis had been reduced to a compressed stretch of severed turf.

Still driving slowly through the field, trying best to avoid any unexpected ditches and holes, all the while swatting tiny disgruntled bugs from sucking blood out of our faces and trying not to purge at the volatile stink traumatized weeds so apparently release, we eventually pulled up to a paved road which snaked behind the desolate resort. We parked in a secluded corner and piled out of the grass stained vehicle, making quick retreat to an open door creaking lightly in the breeze.

Once inside a new scent quickly filled my lungs, a scent even more rank than the former. It was a dizzying smell, a sure sign as to why the lodge had been vacated. The heavy aroma seemed to billow up from the basement, spinning my mind round and round with each inhale. Walking around I felt dazed as fuck, but not as loopy as my companion, who's eyes were freshly glassed over, and skin, pasty white in color; he appeared to be under the influence of some crazy shit. Exclaiming he was on the verge of passing out, I assured it was the toxic mold driving us loony. We scrambled like drunks up a set of stairs to a furnished room, where we opened the windows and sat down to regain our posture. Taking a few sips from my bottle of water, I began to feel slightly better and could sense my self drifting out from a black mold induced high. My friend looked to be recovering rightly as well. Fair enough, as we still had an entire abandoned resort to our disposal.