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Solar Panel House

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This was quite an interesting find. While the day was coming to an end, I stumbled upon this abandoned house which looked to be covered in sky lights, but upon closer inspection they were solar panels! The house was indeed abandoned as, one glance through the window proved out any speculation that it twas not. Although I was not able to get inside (yet), I did grab a few pictures of the house and property. I found it surprising that the owner of the house, left his automobiles in the front drive way; just sitting there! Also the fact that the roof of the house was covered in not one, but two huge solar panels!

From what I know or shall I say, from what a kind local that goes by the name _____ told me, he said that the house was owned by some old man who used to live there, but then moved out and never came back to claim his belongings. So the house fell into deep disrepair,and then I came along and photographed it, and gave it new life and maybe fame on Vacant New Jersey.


I was finally able to snag some inside pictures of the house. All I can say is WOW...the place was a mess, just walking around to get pictures was a task in itself. The previous inhabitants were defiantly pack-rats, because just about everything you could think of from computers to clothes to yes even the occasional porn mag littered the floors. But surprisingly enough there was no stench too the house. Another weird aspect was that all the walls inside that house has been removed, the the house was merely one big room trashed with objects from the past decade. The only information I was able to obtain was that the house has been abandoned for about 11 years and that the past owner was a loner...left the house one day, and has yet to come back. The electricity still worked in the house presumably because the solar panels were still collecting energy from the sun. It amazes me at how people can just get up one day and leave everything they own. Is the owner of this house still alive somewhere? Or perhaps he was saddened by some unknown event and suicide has since taken him out of this world. All I can tell you is no one knows where this man is, and who ever this owner is he has not been home for 11 years and counting now. Maybe he will make his wayward journey back someday, but until then his solar powered house will remain an oddity for all of the garden state too see.