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Stringfield Laboratories

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Abandoned New Jersey Industrial 26 Photos

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A quick walk around the perimeter of the building, and it was quite clear there was no way I was getting inside. All the windows had jail cell bars across them, and the garage doors were fenced in and Master Locked shut. Even the old abandoned truck in the drive way was sealed tight except for the broken window. But what could possibly be inside this abandoned building that, is so secret, I thought too myself. I decided to take one more walk around the building, this time looking very carefully for any entrance, on this second time around I did happen to find a flaw... it was an unsealed window, altho to small to crawl through it did provide my eyes a peek into the structure. I was not able too see much but a few spray paint cans, but then the smell hit me, like a ton of feathers. The oder was that of chemicals mixing and rotting combined with all sorts of paint smells, it was strong enough to knock one off their feet. I came to the conclusion that this could/may have possibly been a Meth lab at one point, explaining why it was so tightly sealed up and situated away from the general public.

More and more the idea of this structure being some-type of drug lab made more sense. I mean first off the smell, and the chemicals dripping from the cracks in walls. The seclusion of the building was perfect. The fact that everything was locked added even more suspicion, and last the old truck sitting in the drive way, was perfect for smuggling drugs or what not. Now I am not saying that this place is indeed a meth lab, because for all I know, it could be a Teddy Bear shop, but I tend to think the building was/is used for some-type of illegal purposes. I decided to high-tail it out of there, as the though of running into these drug dealers was an all to real impression. During this visit I was unable to get inside, which may in-fact have proven to be a good thing. But to say the least, I do not presume I will be returning anytime soon.