Vacant New Jersey

Twin Bridges Farmhouse

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Abandoned New Jersey Agricultural 40 Photos

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Change: an aspect of life we all most cope with. Sometimes things change for the better, other times for the worse. Such change can be said about the Twin Bridges Farm House. At one point in time the house served as a working farm, and then to be later on used as a lumber storehouse. The families who once inhabited in the house made their life via the farm. But as time changed and America as a country became more industrialized, this was no need for small a farm house like the Twin Bridges Farm House. Soon the small family operated farm became engulfed by the ever growing industrialization of America. As more and more American's turned to getting goods from Super Markets, there was really no need or reason to keep a small family farm running any more, so the farm was vacated and evidentially abandoned in favor for the changing society of America. A similar take can be said about not only the Twin Bridges Farm House, but for many other farms across the nation. Just a short drive down any back road of Sussex County, and you will be sure to see many other farm houses that have also fell to the fait of change.

These farm houses are looked upon by most as eye sores. But other people like me and perhaps your self, see not just a deteriorating old structure, but a history book that looks back into the past life of American Society. Back when their were no Super Markets or Ware Houses full with everything you could want, but, back in a time period no too long ago, when I dare say, people had to work for every thing. For the majority of America this meant farming...not only did it provide money but it also provided a way of life. A way of life that today (in New Jersey at least) is an abandoned memory. New Jersey sadly is turning into an every growing chain of stores and unnecessary amenities. So if you decide to take the time to view the following pictures, you may want to looks at them not only as a simple picture but as a story of the past life, a life before America had changed into the huge industrial nation it is today.