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Abandoned Pennsylvania Resort 41 Photos

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A stagnant puddle of water reflected the cloudy blue sky above. Sitting down for a moment to catch my breath, I watched in the reflection, the clouds slowly move past, until a series of wind birthed ripples distorted the illusion. From this height, I had a clear view of the surroundings; it was the peak of summer, and everything around was alive and full of color. I took notice of a few cars passing by, every so often one would slow down almost to a halt, it's passengers peering out the windows, taking in the beauty of the decaying building from the safety of the road, unbeknownst of the eyes watching them from the roof above.

The scale of the building was mesmerizing and combined with the amount of decay, absolutely breathtaking. With no objective or plan in mind, it was a stab in the dark as to what lay behind each door. The curious design of the inn, made for an interesting navigation; often we had to look out a window to gain a sense of direction, in order to avoid traveling in circles. Many of the 400 plus rooms were void of furnishings, but were still plastered with 1970's decor and amenities. The combination of funky 70's colors with the natural decay yielded some interesting sights.

As we ventured deeper into the building, the surroundings quickly changed. Entering the basement, the temperature dropped and darkness took over. My flashlight beam dispersed by fog, only illuminated what lay a few feet ahead. Soon discovering the auditorium, I was a bit disappointed that all the seating had been removed, however this allowed the full size of the theater to be appricated. The red stage curtain, like a sponge, seemed to draw forth the humidity in the air, as the fog was less dense in this area. With much more to be discovered, we continued on lost, with no clear direction in sight.