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Ah, the Wayne Manor, a building that in its hey-day was one of the most fine and elegant places to hold parties and wedding receptions. The manor filled with its many dance hall's and floors was a sure party location for those richy-rich pants people. But all that changed on July 1st 2006 when the Wayne Manor officially closed its door's after 40 years of business, because of high asbestos measures in the air. It is amazing how such a building can go from basically Riches to Rags, in just a few short months.

But the reason I came to visit the manor was not to drink fancy wine and dance the night away, but instead grab pictures the the pristine building in its now abandoned state, before it will soon be destroyed by developers. From the outside the building really doesn't look all that impressive, but once you step inside the manors closed doors, its a whole different story. From the first sight you make of the inside of the manor, you realize that it is plain out huge! Mirrors make up the walls, and the ground is littered with broken glass and pieces of ceiling tile are strewn about EVERYWHERE! The manor has many hallway's all lined with mirrors making it seem your inside of some type of twilight zone. Because of the mirrors you almost feel in a state of vertigo, and are bound to run into a few mirrors thinking they are other rooms. The Wayne Manor itself has two main floors, each with there own "dance halls" and bars. The second floor has a deck that over looks route 23 (how romantic?).

At the time of my visit to the Wayne Manor it was the middle of January and bitterly cold... a toasty 15 degrees Farenheight if you will. Because of the extreme cold I was not able to grab as many pictures as I would have like too, but never-the-less, I (my camera) got the job done. After my eyes got adjusted to the dark lighting of the manor, I was able to find my way around pretty well (although still bumping into a few mirrors like a fool every now and then!) The manor has no real layout it is just basically hallways that lead to different rooms, seemingly at random. Many of the rooms were severely damaged and water was leaking in from the roof, making it very treacherous to get around.

While exploring the manor it had become quite evident that I was not the only one to venture inside its walls. There was graffiti on some locations and most everything was smashed. Every step I took, I could heard the cracking of glass beneath my feet, and in the distance here water droplets hitting the ground from the leaking roof. Finally I had made it down to the basement, where it was pitch black, and the only light to guide me was that of the flash on my camera. After grabbing pictures of the various culinary equipment in the basement the cold air really started to get to me, and I decided to leave, before losing my fingers to frostbite.

As for the future of the Wayne Manor (keep in mind I am no psychic) but I do not per-see it standing for much longer as it has under go some small demolition inside and is sitting on prime real-estate. So altho the manor may itself be gone sooner than later, it legacy will live on.