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Photostream » August 2017 » Wassaic State School

Empty Eyes

Looking out over the shuttered Wassaic State School campus from the roof of an abandoned hospital ward building. Walking around the grounds of this former institution gave off a creepy aura for everything here was desolate; the buildings completely emptied out and the property overgrown with weeds and tall grass. The majority of the shuttered buildings are completely blown out and interiority quite bland and empty. Darkened voids fill the spaces where windows once existed, creating a creepy watchful feeling that empty eyes are constantly staring back at you. The only life here appeared to be the herds of deer roaming about the overgrown fields and a few frogs who made home within the damp steam tunnels interconnecting the buildings from basements below. Wassaic State School is a bizarre place indeed, for the abandoned buildings are largely a mirror image of the still active structures just on the opposite side of campus, as everything here was constructed in a near symmetrical mirror image, in regard to building oppositely facing male and female ward buildings.