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Asymptomatic Carrier

Kayaking out to the ruins of Riverside Hospital situated upon North Brother Island within New York City's East River is almost an explorer's rite-of-passage; at the very least, an adrenaline fueled adventure to a desolate island surrounded by the megalopolis that is New York City. Riverside Hospital survives to this day as a nearly untouched ruin exploited only by the elements and nature. The obstacle that is the East River has turned the deserted island into a safe haven for undisturbed decay and wildlife. The fast pace hustle and bustle of NYC is ever so absent on North Brother Island; no ambulance sirens, traffic, graffiti, food stands, no people. But don't let your guard down too quickly, the Bored Boys in Blue are always lurking. Currently plans are in place to open the island up for walking tours around the decrepit buildings, which will no doubt then be fenced off.