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A big buff father teaching his son how to ride a bike scoffed in surprise upon my presence as I suddenly and unexpectedly burst out from an open window directly across from the sidewalk which his offspring son was barreling down, barely balancing upon his trainingwheel-less bike. I had assumed no one was in sight or walking down the road upon my hastily exist but clearly I didn't look around well enough. Oh well, nothing to do but play it off like I was supposed to have just fallen out of the window within the abandoned Shelton Building at the shuttered Fairfield Hills Hospital campus. Walking past the astute father as cockily as one possibly could after such an embarrassing ill-timed situation, I noticed the man reach toward his front pant pocket and in turn whip out a big black, phone. "Fuckkk, this dude is seriously gonna call the cops on me" I mumbled to myself as continued to walk past him and toward my obviously parked vehicle. The father then gestured to me, with the wave of his left hand. "Hey man, anything interesting inside there?" he yelled toward me, as I was still about fifteen feet away at this point "Uhhhh, uhhhh" I paused momentarily, thinking of what to say. "Well uhhh, there's uhh, a neat dentist chair inside" I responded" realizing I had just also admitted guilt. "Sick, thats awesome!!" he excitedly responded back to me followed by the nod of his head. "Uhh yup" I mumbled as I continued to walk back toward my vehicle. Then I heard a loud whistle, like one of those stern "get the fuck over here right now" whistles that emanate between ones middle and pointer fingers moist inside the mouth; if you're so gifted to know how to do so. "DeShaw, peddle back over here" I clearly heard the father yell to his son, as I turned my head back over my shoulders to assess the situation while continuing to walk further away. The father and son then both walked up to the window I had just exited prior and proceeded to crawl in. Well I guess he was just planning to use his cellphone as a flashlight, I realized, as a smirk of relaxation grew over my face.