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Power Is Control

A dusting of snow strewn across the frozen ground highlights fresh tire tracks leading directly into the recently emptied turbine hall within the shuttered power plant, revealing that the security guard stationed just outside within the idling blue pick-up truck, does indeed drive inside the building. Through the close-up (ad)vantage point of my binoculars, the security man appeared to be dozing off, neck cocked down from the full weight of his sleepy bonehead dangling just above the steering wheel. Only a single set of truck tracks lead through the power plant and it was already near noon, so I assumed at best maybe the security guard only drove through once or twice during the beginning and end of shift. So with the only authoritative force clearly catching ZzZ's, dreaming of becoming a real pig, the time was ripe to dash across the wide open turbine hall, up the rickety open iron stairwell leading up into the control panel room; the gem of the adventure for me for sure, as enough gizmos, gadgets, buttons, and switches exited within this room to make even a boiled noodle hard.