Essex County Hospital Center 35mm Slides (Part 2)

Posted: Friday January 13, 2012

While roaming about the extensive hospital basement one afternoon, I discovered a large storage room off to a corner which I had never noticed before. The space turned out to be packed with boxes full of old and outdated medical equipment. After poking around inside the room for sometime and tinkering with the various equipment, I spotted on the floor a tattered Kodachrome slide. I held my flashlight under the film but it was far too decayed to make out the image. I decided to investigate further and upon moving some cardboard boxes around I found dozens of more slides, surviving in far superior condition. Posted below is a selection of the results from my adventure that afternoon (clicking on the images loads a larger version)...

A couple appear to be weaving fabric on a loom. I believe this loom may have once been located in the laundry building which was demolished sometime back in 2008.

A group of whom I assume to be occupational therapy practitioners and nurses gathering for a portrait in one of the various wards.

A photograph taken of the administration building, I'd say dating back to sometime during the 1970's.

An Essex County security officer manning the front security desk inside the lobby of the administration building.

I'm not quite sure what is pictured in the above slide. However, it appears to be an old metal mop bucket.

A late 1970's Superior Cadillac Hightop ambulance, parked inside the fire house garage. This was among the last of the ambulance models Cadillac produced. Here's a photograph of a similar vehicle dating from 1975.

A religious celebration being held inside the Essex County Hospital Center's Synagogue.

What appears to be patients engaging in some type of arts and crafting therapy.

A sickly patient being tended to by a nurse. Upon closer inspection it appears though the bedridden man's arms and legs are loosely bound by fabric to the bed. However it could just as easily be bandages.

This last image was not produced from a 35mm slide, rather it's just a scan of a 4x6 image I found on the floor inside one of the patient rooms. The photograph captures patients enjoying holiday decorations inside one of the many day rooms.

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