Overbrook: A Video

Posted: Friday April 15, 2011

Back before I knew "Urban Exploration" was a thing and the locations I explored were limited by how far I was willing to peddle my bicycle, I used to carry just a flashlight and my trusty point n' shoot digital camera. At this period in time I had little interest in photography and mostly documented my explorations in the form of video. I remember just recording as I walked around various stinky old abandoned buildings. The footage I produced was shaky, boring, dark, and just plain awful. But I never cared, for me recording video was just a way to legitimize the fact that I was spending my free time roaming around derelict structures.

Fast forward to 2011, and I still spend my weekends in the ruins. However my medium of documentation has switched to taking still pictures. Viewing the beautiful photographs various other explorers had captured and posted online convinced me to try my eye at photography. A number of years back I purchased a dSLR camera and so the era of video died. I enjoy the simplicity of taking pictures, but it has certainly become a craft way overdone within the exploring community. A number of months back I decided to try my hand at recording video again. I shoveled the dust off my seemingly antique point n' shoot and took a drive down to a favorite local playground. Upon arriving back home from the successful exploration it occurred to me that I am just to lazy to ever take creating videos seriously. As a result the footage sat around on an SD card for months before I built up enough motivation to edit the various videos clips together.

Positioned within an iFrame just below are the meager results of the short video I managed to compile within an hour or so time. In retrospect I think I'll stick to taking still pictures. To sit my ass in front of a computer monitor and edit video for any longer than ten minutes is just something my wandering mind can't remain patient for. Regardless, grab a bag of stale popcorn and the two year old Girl Scout Cookies in the back of the cabinet and take a look at the video below. However if you wish not to stress your eyes, scroll down just below where provided are some links to people who do video well.

Here are some links pointing to videos and videographers I enjoy.

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