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Believe it or not this old relic has a story. While going to the Bloomingdale DPW, to hopefully find a computer for parts someone threw out, I noticed this old bus sitting there. The bus had all it's windows smashed out, and the back and front door looked like it had been opened by the jaws of life, but surprisingly the bus did not look like it had been engaged in an accident, which if found weird.

Then I remembered that a few weeks back while reading an article In The Star Ledger, I came across an article stating that, the Bloomingdale Fire and Police department were going to set up a fake bus accident at the local middle school (WTB) they would then respond to the call as if it were real and act everything out as if it was a real scenario that had unfolded. So I led to a conclusion that this must have been the "dummy bus" used in this fake crash seen scenario.

Sorry for the lack of quality of these pictures, but they were taken late in a December evening, and it was getting quite cold out, and there for I started to shiver and it became hard for me to hold the camera steady (explaining the blurry pictures)