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Ivy House

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I walked through the front door, my face dripping with beads of sweat, It was a blazing hot Summer day and I did not know what to expect. The whole house was obscured with vegetation and vines crawling from out of the forest engulfed the front of the house. Inside was trashed but much cooler than the 90 plus degree temperature outside. All the windows and walls were smashed allowing for a nice breeze to slowly glide through the abandoned rooms. I sat myself down on a chair but only for a few moments to regain my breath. I continued to walk through the long abandoned house, snapping pictures from room to room. Not much was left, but for two chairs and a coffee table. Graffiti embellished a few rooms, but more evident were the huge holes smashed in the walls and ceiling of every room. Layers of wall paper peeled off the walls indicating the years gone by. It was quite evident that no one had been living here for sometime. I made my way up the glass carpeted stairwell to the second floor. All was the same, except for a business jacket hanging halfway out of a broken window pane, debating which way to fall. I musty mattress lay dormant in one of the bedrooms, and two bone dry beer bottles sat unsuspecting in the corner of a boarded up window.

I made my way back down the glass laden stairwell and into pitch darkness. A few shimmers of light squeezing through the cracked foundation was all I had to steer me through the darkness. I was greeted with a hideous looking boiler whose pipes extended out like the tentacles on an octopus. After nearly twisting my ankle over some debris on the ground, I finnaly found and exit... altho no grand exit in any sense, it still provided me with the satisfaction of being free from the grasp of the old abandoned house. Pushing may way through the thorn bushes and cobwebs, I was finnaly out, back into the summer heat. Looking around me, I noticed I still had one more structure to explore, the garage. I welcomed myself in and was bombarded with junk mostly of fileing cabinets, old papers, and what looked to be a cash register. I snapped my fare share of pictures, and exited the deserted structure. With the temperature now reaching 100 degrees and it only being 11:00 AM, I knew I best make my voyage back home before the heat could get the best of me.