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Karefott Lake

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Demolished New Jersey Resort 40 Photos

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Karefott Lake a once bustling summer camp filled with playing children (and probably mean camp directors). Now all thats left are a few cabins and a stagnant old lake. This area was once an old summer and swimming camp from the 70's and 80's, but due to neglect and lake conditions and lack of people coming, the lodge was forced to shut down some time back. For a while the area was left undeveloped, and the abandoned cabins and lodge were left sitting there to be reclaimed by mother nature.

But in recent months the town decided to start building a Holiday Inn Express on the grounds. So most of the area has been destroyed and leveled including the main lodge. All that remain are a few cabin tucked away in the woods ( which I presume will be susepted to the fait of the main lodge sooner than later.) The photographs that I have are of the cabins, but for a good look of what the whole property once looked like (in the abandoned state): see here. A new Karefott Camp has since been build over looking its old brother Karefott Lake.

The area I explored were the remainder of the cabins, which were in horrible condition. Most of the cabins were in such bad state that I did not even dare enter them. But there were a few cabins just stable enough for me to sneak into and grab some pictures. The pictures I have reflect the state the area is in now. There were old beds and chairs strew all over, as if a tornado had just stormed by. There were even toys left by children that once attended the camp, but are now just abandoned and waiting for someone to come buy and play with them again. I must warn that this area is located on private property, and there is a good chance you will get caught if exploring up here. So if you ever venture up to Karefott Lake, be forewarned. The fate of this landmark will soon be no more, as the Holiday Inn Express will no doubt engulf the rest of the property! So explore soon while parts of the lake are still here.