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La Casa Roja

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Demolished New Jersey Residential 16 Photos

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My heart raced in response to the loud crash, I knew I was definitally not alone. I could hear something scurrying around in the adjacent room, and it definitally sounded like an animal of some kind, well more like animals of some kind. I decided to press forward hoping not to startle the mysterious creature. I walked through the kitchen, still no sign of anything. As I rounded the corner into the living room, I crossed my fingers; hoping not to get ass blasted by a pissed of skunk. Entering the living room I immediately made eye contact. Startled, the animals froze, jetting off seconds later.

My heart rate returned back to normal, I laughed and was relieved I had just startled a family of stray cats, rather than what my imagination was making of the situation. I guess the cats were seeking refuge from the winter inside that safety of the abandoned house or perhaps they were urban explorer cats, a growing hobby in the feline world...

It was an abnormally warm winter day out, the snow was quickly melting and water was seeping in through the rotting roof. The bed was made, a red chair was perched in front of the television and cobwebs collected dust in the ceiling corners. A family portrait sat on the mantle, on the back of the photo I was able to make out the date 1972 along with the names Lucy, Bill Jr and Janet. What had happened to these people, why had they not returned to their home, why did they leave all their belongings? Exploring this ramshackle of a house was like watching an episode of Lost, in the end I'm left with more questions than answers.

I decided that I would return to the house on a later date, this time with a mini-tripod so that I would have room to set up and photograph the interior properly. Returning exactly seven day's later I was astonished to find that the house had been completely leveled, nothing not even a pile of debris was left. So I leave you with the few photographs I managed to capture of the house before it's unexpected demise.