Vacant New Jersey

Mohawk Industries

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Demolished New Jersey Industrial 44 Photos

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The sheet-metal framed building muted the gunshot rounds echoing from the nearby private shooting range. Rust stained the siding various shades of red and brown, as sunlight made way through the corroded holes in the roof. Numerous large chemical mixers sat dormant having not been used in years as the pipes that once carried toxic resins to these large mixers lay entangled on the ground. Outside, a large biohazard symbol was spray painted ominously on one of the large chemical silos. The ground seemed to be dead, years of sludge and toxins leaking into the soil, allowed only for weeds to grow in-between the cracks and crevices.

Just a few feet away the laboratory building was in great disrepair. The whole center most section caved in causing the rest of the structure to lean in with no support. The old offices were full of old paperwork and magazines once used for ordering parts. Lead paint peeled of from the steel laboratory desks creating interesting patterns. Down the hallway, hundreds off rusted cans were chaotically piled in the corner of a room, some filled with gnarly looking chemicals, slowly dripping into the ground below.

Outside an active rail line ran no more than five feet from behind the collapsing building, a small tree seemed to be the only support between a fallen sheet-metal chimney and the train tracks outside. As the sun settled lower in the sky we made a quick stop at the old train station not more than a few hundred feet from the industrial plant. Neglect showed most prominent in the weather wood. White pained chipped off revealing the aged wood beneath. Detailed hand carved arches supported the roof as a cool fall breezed swept through the empty shell of a building. This is one of those structures that truly needs to be restored to its past glory.