Vacant New Jersey

Red Fox Inn

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Abandoned New Jersey Restaurant 30 Photos

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I squeezed myself through the broken window pane and into what seemed like another world. The temperature was a good 15 degrees cooler than that of the outside world, a strong smell of mildew filled the air and every step provided the lovely sound of broken glass. I had just successfully entered the abandoned Red Fox Inn. Everything inside was trashed and I was obviously not the first to enter this labyrinth of a building, as satanic signs marked many walls and floors; and glass was shattered about every where. There was not much light, so my camera flash led the way. I was greeted with childish graffiti such as 666 dead bodies€ and penis spray painted on every wall. The design of the building was utterly confusing, hallways led to dead ends, doors led to doors, and rooms were every where. I came to the conclusion that my best bet would be to take the building one floor at a time. I started off with the main floor which was at one point a restaurant/bar. This was the most trashed of the 3 floors I would explore. Broken glass made up the floors, and the only light was that of the light that managed to peak through the boarded up windows. The bar area was still complete with yet to be open wine bottles and even a table for two. All the tables and chairs in one secluded room were piled up like a distant mountain, My child instincts got the best of me and I could not help but climb one of these huge piles, in return bashing my head on a low dangling rafter (and exclaiming some curse words which bear not be repeated.)

With my head pounding I made my way to the kitchen, or at least what was left of the kitchen. Everything was destroyed, and a giant spray painted penis diagram guarded the wine freezer. A little freaked out by that diagram I continued my voyage to the more casual eating area. Due to its proximity to the main road nothing was smashed, and I decided to leave the room as the risk of being spotted in their was to high for my liking. I then continued up stairs, to the inn part of the building.

Apparently people used to live up here as belongings were strewn about as if a tornado ripped through. Be-Headed Barbi Dolls littered a few rooms, and if you believe what graffiti says Satan Himself Was There€ť, altho I myself did not not meet him. Many of the rooms still had clothing hanging in their closets, and there was even a rubber ducky that still squeaked in one of the dressers! The weird part of the second floor, was that rooms led to rooms which led to even more rooms, I don'€™t believe that there was even one hallway up there. After wandering around aimlessly and quite frankly lost I finally found a stair case which led me to the attic. No less then two steps up the attic stair well the temperature must have literally rose 40 degrees, any hotter and the place would have been on fire. But I continued my trek through the attic regardless of the heat. The attic was monstrous, and chock full of furniture and boxes of useless garbage. Many floor boards were missing so any and every step could have marked the end to my life, but lucky for me, I found a second stair well in the attic which led back down to €śsafety€ť the main floor.

Now all thats left was to find the basement, by pure fate I basically stumbled upon the entrance to the all but forgiving basement, and nearly rolled down its steps. The first thing I noticed was that shit, I can't see anything down here but as time went by my eyes gradually adjusted to the dark. Upon getting my vision back I noticed that there was no graffiti to be found, meaning that the graffiti artists were pussies! The basement was HUGE I couldn't explore a good portion of it, as it had been flooded by the recent rains, and a swear I saw a shark. But the parts that were exploitable were defiantly worth it. Nothing down here had been touched in decades, dust covered every thing, and nasty ass spiders lurked under every beam. Due to the design of the building the basement was more like a crawl space filled with nifty machinery, and a ferocious looking boiler room. I then stumbled upon a tunnel which led me to a hatch, back into the real world.

That's it, my journey was over, and a hell of a journey it was, I grabbed a few exterior shots of the building, and decided to call it a day, but not before noticing one of them nasty spiders had made home on the back of my shirt, I quickly flicked the thing off my clothing, and bashed its body into the pavement with my shoe, making sure it was fully dead... ugh, spiders are nasty!