Vacant New Jersey

Tocks Island

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Abandoned New Jersey Residential 30 Photos

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The depressing grey sky complemented perfectly the dead overgrowth still frozen from the previous winter months. The wind gusted furiously at times, rattling and shaking everything inside the old house. Doors and windows slammed closed at will, and occasionally after a strong gust the house itself seemed to shift. Strange creaking sounds echoed from the fatigued walls and plaster from the ceiling now covered the floor. Outside a rusty shutter smashing against the exterior siding, produced a horrible sound, amplified by the hollow house.

Beside a few misfit furnishing there was not much to see inside. The house was stripped bare except for the solid steel kitchen appliances probably left behind because they were to heavy to move. Back outside, I was surprised to find a large television satellite dish chillin' in the front yard. Cables ran from the back of the dish, underground into the basement. Just goes to show a man needs his cable television even in the middle of nowhere.

There were a few other structures on the massive tract of land, including two smaller single story houses and a few barns. But they too, were void of any artifacts from past inhabitants. With the wind not letting up the least bit, I decided to call it quits. My face felt like it was on the verge of falling off, and my fingers were numb and turning a not so healthy color. It seems I am never ready for what nature throws out... I can only hope Spring arrives early.