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Abandoned New Jersey Industrial 36 Photos

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It was an exceptionally hot and humid day. Inside the stale air was thick with the smell of chemicals long trapped within the closed doors of the sterile laboratories. Decay was evident but restricted mostly to water damaged ceiling tiles that had fallen and accumulated into a spongy mess on the floors below. Dozens of interconnected laboratory rooms lined either side of long darkened hallway, illuminated only by light filtering in through frosted lab windows.

The first few doors I tried were locked, the handles refusing to budge in any direction. Continuing down the hallway I tried door after door until finally an entry proved successful. Unfortunately long gone were any remnants of past experiments. The labs were empty and clean; drawers and shelves void of equipment, left only to collect dust. Stainless steel faucets and piping sparkled as if they had just been cleaned only days ago.

I continued forward through the corridor of laboratories, holding out hope that there would be something left behind in the following rooms. Taking the stairwell down the basement level, the temperature instantly dropped and the humidity fogged over everything, creating a thin film of water on the tile hallway that was slippery as ice. It appeared much of the equipment had been moved into the basement. Huge steam sterilizers and various scientific paraphernalia sat like prehistoric beasts, glimmering as a swept by with my flashlight. The low light was difficult to photograph in, but I managed to snap a few photos of the more interesting appliances. I treaded carefully to avoid slipping, taking mental note of the various identification tags on the machines, hoping with later research to gain some insight on what purposes these devices may have served.